Jump Between

How Multiple Realities Shape the Way People Feel, Interact, and Consume

We are living in a time of technological irony. While technology has improved our lives tremendously through health, convenience, and safety, many people feel that technology has created a sense of division and uncertainty by leveraging human flaws.

In Volume I, we will look at increasing discrepancy and intersection between what is real and fantasy—and links them to a social paradigm where people frequently "jump" between realities that have been reinforced by new media and emerging technologies.

In Volume II, we will uncover how technology facilitated in the birth of microcultures and how they evolved into realities that appear to be "more real."

In the final volume, we will examine how our history and current trends are revealing a path towards hypernormalization and expansion of realities.

How will different realities coexist in the near and distant future? How will this change the way we consume tangible and intangible products? What kind of influence will this have on our day-to-day behaviors, social dynamics, and how we spend our time and money?

Written for technologists and curious minds alike, Jump Between provides new insights on how people will usher out of Globalization and into an upcoming era that offers new meaning, potential, and challenges.