Notable Presentations

Startup Thailand x Innovation Thailand Expo

Beyond Contactless: The New Economics of Virtual Livelihood

Bangkok, Thailand, 2020

The world is facing a mighty, invisible force to be reckoned with—leading to significant economic contraction with lasting impact on business operation, employment, global trade, food supply and human relationship. How will the necessities of our lives evolve with virtualization of the society? How will this change our perceptions and feelings toward connection and trust? Jinsoo shares a tantalizing perspective on value exchange during the new normal.

Photo: Richard Tyler Blevins

Nerd Nite

The Great Paradox of Loneliness in Modern Age

Los Angeles, USA, 2016

Loneliness is an inevitable that human beings must cope with. But could loneliness be eliminated with the use of technology? In this satirical talk about Jinsoo’s personal journey and realization, he shares how he used a myriad of technologies, hoping to feel less lonely post breakup.


Economics of Excitement and Its Impact on the Next Industrial Revolution

Seoul, South Korea 2018

How have media technologies and consumables that enhance sensory stimulation changed over the years? How can these “stimuli” be used appropriately to improve mental and physical health while minimizing the environmental impact? In this presentation, Jinsoo offers a new glimpse on how the stimuli enhanced through technology are shaping our lives and affecting the global economy.

Photo: Joel Filipe

Intel & Art Center College of Design

Designing Wearable for Autism

Los Angeles, USA, 2014

How do you go about designing a wearable product, software and algorithm for the children with autism? This presentation and the wearable prototype received first place at Extreme Wearables Designathon hosted by Intel and Art Center College of Design.

Google X

Useless & Improbable Wearables

Mountain View, USA, 2014

What is the origin of “useless” and how can it contribute towards innovation practices in wearables? First part of the presentation draws a parallel between innovation and useless. Second part explores ironic inventions designed to be worn on all parts of the human body for a multitude of improbable purposes.

Photo: Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi


New Language of Eating: How Consumables are Evolving Through Fiction

Tartu, Estonia, 2018

How have the role and characteristics of food and beverage changed over time through human desires and needs? How have media and technology sped up this change? This talk explores the history and consequential role of the consumable in the modern times told through the lens of mathematics, physics and cognitive science.

Workshop Series

Common Practicum is a co-creation workshop series designed to help understand people's deep relationship with ordinary things.


Immerse yourself in contemporary perspectives and methods that help you uncover aspects of design that impact humanity. Plus, understand people's deep connection with objects and consumables from the perspective of psychology, economics, science and beyond.


The workshop combines elements of provocative lecture, design fiction exercise, team-building game, and therapeutic discussion to inform how everyday objects can be perceived, adapted, enhanced or modified to improve existing human conditions.


The structure of the program is built around collaboration and trust. A series of exercises will encourage attendees develop confidence by sharing their stories and having them react to a variety of social situations that relate to objects.


The program is intended for design, technology and business-related professionals as well as students and the general public to broaden their perception as creator. The workshops are also intended to empower professionals to navigate confidently towards changes and uncertainties.


A. Object

Relationship with objects and products that people use on daily basis

  1. Object Culture & Fandom
  2. Object Psychology
  3. Object Materiality & Coefficiency
  4. Object Contextualization
  5. Object in Systems
  6. Object Prototyping

B. Consumable

Relationship with consumables such as food, beverage and medicine      

  1. Commensality vs. Eating Alone
  2. Consumables in Reality vs. Fiction
  3. Attributes of Consumable
  4. System of Consumption Experience
  5. Computational Gastronomy
  6. Prototyping Future of Consumable

Past Events

Contents of workshops and lectures in this series have been previously offered at corporations and academic institutions including: X (formerly Google X), Food Lab at Google (FLAG), TEDx, Impossible Foods, Institute for the Future (IFTF), CENTRO College for Design, Media and Film, and Carnegie Mellon CMKL Thailand, and more.

Please inquire to receive detailed syllabus or for any questions you may have.

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