Talks and training

Jinsoo is available for speaking engagements on the topics of product design, speculative design and innovation. He has spoken at over 36 venues in 20 cities around the globe for TEDx, universities, conferences, corporate retreats, and everything in between.

He also brings about organizational change through innovation management and training by fostering a culture of experimentation and creative thinking.

Notable talks

  • CENTRO College for Design, Media and Film, Mexico City, 2019
  • TEDxTartu, Estonia, 2018
  • Google Food Lab, Mountain View, 2018 / 2017
  • Impossible Foods, Redwood City, 2018
  • Soho Farmhouse with Heston Blumenthal, Oxford, UK, 2017
  • CopenXrealities, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017
  • Institute for the Future, San Francisco, 2016
  • Givaudan, San Francisco, 2016
  • ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, 2016
  • Sony Computer Entertainment of America, San Diego, 2015
  • Google X, Mountain View, 2014
  • TED Week, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2014
  • UCLA Suprastudio with Frank Gehry, Los Angeles, 2014

Themes and topics

Human computer interaction and digital media

  • Facilitating fandom experience
  • Designing for public, private, and "third" spaces
  • Transgenerational design for single households
  • Digital realities shaping the way people perceive, feel, interact, and consume
  • Loneliness and technology
  • Community reintegration through digital infrastructure

Product innovation and development

  • Applying systems thinking and ontology in product development
  • Designing products for Chinese market with Eastern philosophy
  • Prototyping with object framework for material reduction and emotional well-being
  • Lessons from improbable, useless, and failed products
  • Comprehensive analysis of wearable devices from the past and future
  • Leveraging speculative and conditional design methods in product development process

Sensorial, emotive and mixed reality

  • Immersive eating experience using mixed-reality technology
  • Fundamentals of Computational Gastronomy
  • Systematic framework for modern ingestibles
  • Designing meaningful interaction in virtual environment
  • Deep dive of interaction patterns for VR and AR
  • Commensality and eating behavior
  • Emotional design through biohacking and nootropics
  • Prototyping future of ingestible using Computational Gastronomy

Past workshops

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Jinsoo offers talks, lectures, and workshops for medium to large-scale companies, professional conferences, incubators, and non-profit institutions.

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