Professional Manifesto V1

Pledge for a Better World


Empathy is critical for building human relationships and it should serve as a connective tissue between the designer, owner and end-user.


Balanced perspective is crucial in designing because it helps us to see, recognize and understand viewpoints stemming from different roles, perspectives and scales. Open-mindedness also encourages us to stretch and elevate our thinking and mind—potentially leading to new innovations that enhance or improve the lives of others.


Constantly strive for higher standards and be disciplined in being thorough. Take pride in work and respect ingenuity and craftmanship behind the design process. Evidence and intuition should be used appropriately when designing for the best outcome.


We need each other. Working with one another in a wholesome way maximizes impact and sharing of knowledge. It also allows us to share our conscious thoughts and create things with intent.


Inspire others through genuine passion for design and excitement of what it could be. Self-awareness, openness, transparency, and accountability play an important role in being a design leader.


Design is a reflection of human thinking. Thus design should respect people's dignity, autonomy, independence, and equality.

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