Project Nourished

Originally started in a warehouse on the Skid Row of Los Angeles, Project Nourished is a public-benefit initiative with a goal of maximizing therapeutic and utilitarian qualities of consumables while limiting environmental effects and the use of natural resources.

Its platform consisting of embedded tableware, AI framework and schematics for consumables—food, beverage and medicine. The derived experience is designed to heighten sensations and simultaneously produce therapeutic effects by altering the motions, forms, colors, scents and temperature of consumables through use of proven and emerging technologies.

The project was founded on a premise that the full potential of consumables has not been wholly realized, and there needs to be a greater emphasis on redefining the food system. Along with our global and local community involvements, our vision is to diversify methods of consumption and extend the utility of consumables.

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Immersion practicum

Jinsoo offers hands-on, co-creation workshops that equip teams with a wide range of open innovation methods designed to enhance in-house product development practices and strengthen a culture of experimentation, creative thinking and co-creation. The workshop can be custom tailored for your team's needs including budget, schedule, domain and experience.

At the end of the workshop, your team will be able to:

  • Maximize product potential and future-proof products by understanding principles of product management.
  • Improve quality of innovation and rapid development process by "recontextualizing" your product.
  • Limit systematic risks by identifying, measuring and role-playing probable scenarios and implications.
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Virtual lab hours

Uncertain about your direction? Need a catalyst to get through an obstacle? Jinsoo can help accelerate your project through a one-on-one remote sprint. Upon completion of each call, notes of the discussion, sketches or other artifacts will be shared with you.

Engagement will be structured as follows:

  • Domain Identification and Track Selection
    Clarify a domain and select a track (e.g. growth, experience, strategy, process, methodology, etc.) for a product or general direction.
  • Evaluation and Planning
    Identify and discuss a specific barrier or challenge related to your product or team.
  • 90-min Consultation and Joint Exercise
    Participate in a discussion or collective exercise to generate a POV. A list of actionable recommendations are shared after a call.
  • 45-min Follow-Up
    Review updates on your progress and reflect on perspectives during a follow-up call.
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Community events

Jinsoo curates and organizes various types of public events related to the use of technology towards social good—particularly around wellness, homelessness, disability and the environment. The educational programs are designed to cater to diverse demographics, age groups and interests in mind. Please reach out for more information regarding an event or an opportunity to collaborate.

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