Jinsoo An is a Korean American immigrant, designer, researcher and technologist dedicated to enhancing human relations

He creates visionary solutions around changing behaviors, emerging cultures and converging technologies by interweaving wellness, mobility and media.

His expertise lies in designing intelligent platforms which cultivate a symbiotic relationship between people, tools and spaces.

For over 13 years, he has been building, scaling, diversifying and revamping products through interdisciplinary practices—including UX design, behavioral research, sensory science, anthropology, growth strategy, risk mitigation and foresight. He specializes in several form factors and their software experiences stemming from sensorial apparatus, mobile and IoT devices, wearables, and blockchain.

He is interested in finding effective methods of facilitating social interaction and emotion that offer purpose, meaning and sustainability. He values persistent curiosity and believes one should never settle for the status quo.

Notable accolades

From past through present

Prior to immigrating to California in 1995, Jinsoo was raised on a small family-owned farm in South Korea, just a few miles away from the DMZ. Surrounded by wet rice fields and unpaved roads where an endless chain of tanks roared, he often waved his arms and shouted, “M.R.E.!.” A friendly soldier in a clattering tank would pop out to throw him a bag of what seemed like a Happy Meal from outer space.

Through this curiosity-ridden environment juxtaposed with neighborly farmers, home-brew games and shareware, hanging fermented soybeans, and gadget teardowns, he developed a deep fascination for human ingenuity and connection.

Decades later, his curiosity expanded into crafting experiences across 20 industries such as food, gaming, consumer electronics, apparel, retail, automotive and finance. With these practices, he has helped to shape the lives of hundreds of millions of people in N. America and Europe.

In 2013, he became involved in a series of experiments that decoded how humans interpret senses and emotions. Subsequently, he founded Project Nourished, a public-benefit initiative with a goal of diversifying methods of consumption and maximizing therapeutic qualities of food, beverage and medicine through a combination of mixed reality, embedded tableware and sensory apparatus.

During his spare time, he loves inspiring people of all ages by speaking to them and educating them about the human condition of today and tomorrow. His favorite themes include play, hyperreality, fandom, commensality, social isolation, aging and community reintegration.

Periodically, he engages with local and global communities to strengthen public–private partnership to improve the role of technology in people’s lives.

He is obsessed with obscure films and enjoys dabbling with novel, antiquated cameras and electronics.

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