Project Nourished

P/N is an open-source initiative with a goal of diversifying the method of consumption and extend the utility of food, beverage, and medicine. The platform heightens sensation and produces therapeutic effects by altering motion, shape, color, and scent of ingestibles. The platform strives to improve aggregate arousal efficiency of ingestibles, so that pleasurable qualities can be maximized while achieving source reduction and curbing of greenhouse gases.

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Immersion practicum

By utilizing next-gen design methods, Jinsoo offers hands-on workshops that help teams rapidly generate new product concepts or iterate on existing products.

  • Enhance in-house innovation practice and cultivate culture of experimentation.
  • Customize for various team size, experience, and background.
  • Workshop can range from a couple of hours to a full day.
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Virtual lab hours

Uncertain about your direction? Need a catalyst to get through an obstacle?

Jinsoo can accelerate your project through one-on-one consultation, anywhere in the world. Upon completion of each call, a recorded video of the discussion will be shared with you.

The engagement will be structured as follows:

  • Problem identification
    Discuss and identify any barriers or challenges in your product/service.
  • 60-min consultation and joint exercise
    Jinsoo will provide his POV and actionable recommendations during or after a call.
  • 30-min follow-up
    Review updates on your progress during a follow-up call.
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