Kokiri Lab

Kokiri Lab is a think tank that builds disruptive products and services with an emphasis on the well-being of people and society. We create future vision and introduce technologies that are facilitated through culture and human sensibility. Every product or service we create must help people in a meaningful way.

Lab immersion practicum

In addition to development of products and services, the lab offers personalized lab sessions and hands-on workshops that are designed to educate, ideate and prototype.

  • Ideal for a core team of 6 with various backgrounds and experience.
  • Choose either hands-on experience at Kokiri Lab or your own facility.
  • Effective way of expanding in-house creativity and evangelizing the culture of building things.
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Office hours with Jinsoo

Uncertain about your direction? Need a catalyst to get through an obstacle?

Jinsoo helps accelerate your project by providing immediate consultation on 1-on-1 basis or with your small team via video call. Upon completion of each call, a recorded video of the discussion will be shared.

Each engagement is broken into following:

  • Problem identification
    You will share challenges of your project (to be reviewed prior to a call).
  • 60-min consultation
    Jinsoo will provide his POV and actionable recommendations during a call.
  • 30-min follow-up
    You and Jinsoo will review updates to your work during a second call.
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