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This is a message for you. It's a story about how we are connected. The link begins with meju, a brick of fermented soybeans used for Korean traditional condiments such as soybean paste. Partly because chained bricks of meju were always hanging above my room. But it also reminds me of the unforgettable experience of transforming rather innocent-looking soy beans into a delicious, yet pungent bowl of soup.

Each year, our community patiently gone through a tedious process of planting, tending, harvesting, beating, drying, sifting, milling, cooking, and then fermenting every beans.

Eventually, the cooked soybeans were formed into bricks and then hung to dry and trigger the fermentation process. The liquid extract that soybeans left behind were used to make soy sauce. Nothing was wasted. It was not only a ritual that we participated every year, but it was also the fruit of the labor for the following year—to feed, nourish, and enhance.

Just as meju became a vital force in maintaining quality of lives in our community—both as an output and input—the process of deconstructing, synthesizing, and affecting positive impact is what I look forward to in every project, regardless of the medium. I hope that we get to share this journey together.


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"A higher level of consciousness among the people is the only hope we have, now or in the future, of minimizing human damage."

— James Baldwin, The Creative Process