Jump Between (Coming Soon)

How Multiple Realities Shape the Way People Feel, Interact, and Consume

Jump Between uncovers how we are evolving to experience our lives in multiple realities.

With growing discrepancy and intersection between what is real and fantasy, Jinsoo An reveals a new norm that facilitates a constant "jump" between different realities—constructed by new media, emerging technologies, and our mind.

While virtual and augmented reality hasn't quite reached a tipping point, Jinsoo argues that we are already living in a world where many visible and hidden realities all exist simultaneously. Consequently, these new realities offer a set of more believable attributes that alter our identity, perception, and rules.

If so, how will different realities coexist in the near and distant future? How is this changing the way we consume tangible and intangible products? What kind of impact will this have on our day-to-day behavior, social structure and economy? How will this new norm impact the Third Industrial Revolution?

In this fascinating book, Jinsoo shows how the human history and current trends are on a path to hypernormalization and the expansion of new, multiple realities. Written for technologists and curious minds alike, Jump Between provides new insights on how people will usher out of Globalization and into an upcoming era that offers new meaning, potential, and challenges.