Jinsoo An is a designer, researcher, and technologist fascinated with people's changing behavior

He is a Korean American immigrant who has over 11 years of experience in transforming in-depth research and innovative vision into viable products. He specializes in product design, platform growth, and cultural foresight using PEST analysis. His work is designed with three principles in mind: approachability, intuitiveness, and novelty. He is interested in how social interaction can be facilitated in meaningful and playful ways through emerging media. He values persistent curiosity and believes that one should never settle for the status quo.

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Past and present

Prior to relocating to California in 1995, Jinsoo was raised in a small farm located near the DMZ in South Korea. He grew up next to an origami paper factory surrounded by wet rice fields and unpaved streets where hundreds of tanks would roam. Inside a modular shack built by his grandfather, bricks of fermenting meju used to hang above a desk full of old electronics that had been taken apart. Next to the pile, a color PC stood proudly, along with a box of floppy disks containing home-brew games that he had made using magazine snippets. Inside an armoire beneath the desk, there was a stash of chocolate bars from brown military ration known as Meal, Ready-to-Eat—his favorite all-American “Happy Meal.” He remembers waving his arms and yelling, “M.R.E.!” at soldiers in enormous tanks hoping to score a free bag. Through this juxtaposed environment, Jinsoo developed a unique fascination towards the way things are connected with one another.

Since 2008, Jinsoo has been designing acclaimed products that span across over 20 industries—impacting hundreds of millions of people in North America. In 2013, he became deeply passionate about bringing positive social change by understanding how people interpret senses and emotions. In the following year, he founded an open-source initiative, Project Nourished, in a warehouse in Skid Row. Originally began as a playful attempt to create real-life counterpart of Peter Pan’s magical dinner scene in the film Hook, the project evolved over time to address far-reaching problems related to eating and well-being. The project is currently committed to diversifying the role and consumption method of ingestibles through computational gastronomy.

During his spare time, Jinsoo enjoys collecting and restoring antiquated cameras and electronics. He also loves to inspire others by speaking and educating on topics such as play, fandom, commensality, social isolation, mental illness, and aging.

Through his journey and leadership, Jinsoo hopes to improve our society so that there is a harmony between profit, needs of people, and environment.

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